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Partner with Your HR Team


Ongoing monthly support, customized to your business & staffing needs &  helping employers increase legal compliance & avoid costly lawsuits.

As you strive to grow your small business, there is one thing to keep in mind: ensuring its compliance. Each state has its own set of business laws to abide by. If you fail to do what the state requires, you can lose your protections and accrue fees and penalties. There are basic things you need to do to keep your business safe. HRextension can help. Be aware of the constantly changing laws in your state.

​Given today’s hypercompetitive markets, businesses are under constant pressure to compress costs and improve profitability. For HRextension, this challenge is multi-faceted as the owner is tasked with cutting costs, without cutting heads, being a strategic business partner in this function, HRextension has numerous advantages and can really help companies cut costs when it comes to your HR decisions.

Gain Access to HR Expertise

Hire a Professional with Experience

Relying on HRextension to recruit the best employees, design appropriate and effective training programs can give your company a competitive advantage. Your company can focus more on productivity when HRextension plays an integral role in your workforce development. HRextension can ultimately help locate, and hire to help maintain a finely tuned and productive workforce, thus providing a competitive advantage for your business.


Outsourcing routine high-volume HR tasks: A study by The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that the average company spends about $4,100 on each new hire and takes about 42 days to find the right candidate. Outsourcing such routine and high-volume tasks can help in reducing costs to a great extent.  What’s more, 63% of small business owners that rely on an HR partner to handle at least one program, have been able to focus more on employee engagement activities.

Streamline & Improve HR Efficiencies


Reduce Operating Expenses

Obtain an HR Advantage!

Outsourcing gives you immediate access to skilled HR expertise who can handle those overwhelming day to day tasks surrounding human resources.

Serve as Your HR Department.

Minimize Legal Risks & Improve Compliance

HR Consulting Services & Projects

HR Answers Line

Companies needing project based assistance on HR business standards; such as Job Descriptions, Policies & Procedures, Handbooks, Forms & more.

Common or complex same-day expert advice on any employment issue is just a phone call/email away & with legally referenced data or best practice evidence.

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