Before sharing something with a coworker, Lynda McKay, founder of the Phoenix-based HR consultancy, HR Extension, says to ask yourself, “How much of what you shared do you want your supervisor to know? Always remember that is where this information can go,” says McKay.

                                             Employers continue to be under the microscope when it                                                         concerns how workers are paid: W4 or W9 o.  The two governing entities that regulate and monitor this are the DOL/(FLSA and the (IRS).  Both federal agencies only provide only ‘guidance’ steps in making this very important determination, leaving employers at risk for non-compliance and potential costly fees.  More Yes's to these questions than No's below, most likely

means the workers is an employee.


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As workplace scandals surface almost weekly, small business owners might breathe a sigh of relief that the scrutiny has been aimed primarily at high-profile sexual harassers. That could be a grave mistake. HR professional, Lynda McKay warns that small businesses actually are at greater risk if they fail to address potential misconduct in their sexual harassment policy.

Increased compensation appears to be today’s dominant motivator among millennials.  Top performers about to resign for a new position often receive counteroffers from current employers of 5 to 10 percent.   Employers are slow to reward current employees in light of a smaller pool of candidates available in the market. For this reason, he says that a 6 to 10 per cent increase in a new position is more attractive than annual raises of 3 to 5 per cent.

                                             What kind of shape do you think your I-9 forms are in?…and not just your active employee I-9s, but also your terminated employee I-9 forms?
Many organizations do not realize that during an ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) audit, they will also ask to see your terminated employee’s I-9 forms as well. Here are some recommendations based on my history of conducting internal I-9 audits for clients.

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One human resources expert says the visibility of the scandals is helping shift the work environment in a better direction.   "If these allegations truly came about this week and termination happened within two days, there is some serious evidence," human resources consultant Lynda McKay said.  

But for McKay, it's not new.