Marylise Curet  |  Chief Financial Officer  |  Jiffy Lube of Arizona

Hastings & Hastings, P.C.

Jiffy Lube Arizona


Sandra Holmes  |  Executive Director  |  Arizona811

“Lynda McKay has been available asset to our company of over 400 employees. She has provided training to our management team, individual counseling on employee issues and kept us up to date on the ever-changing legal environment of Human Resources.”


Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin  | CEO |  Arizona Autism United

Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services

“I have worked with Lynda McKay as an HR consultant for several years, and her advice has always been extremely valuable and practical.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without Lynda’s guidance!  She is always there when you need her, and a trusted voice of reason no matter how complicated a situation may be.”

Arizona Autism United

Sarah Gentry, M.Ed., BCBA  |  Founder/COO  |  Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services

Jennifer DeVault  |  Human Resources Manager  |  Hastings & Hastings, P.C.  

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"Lynda McKay has repeatedly demonstrated her high level of knowledge, skill and value as our HR Consultant & business partner.  In addition to her ongoing advice, which is always on target, her regular reviews and updates of our personnel handbook and other record-keeping requirements keep us compliant in an always changing employer environment.  Her skill in conducting regular compensation studies on each position has also assisted us in attracting and keeping qualified candidates.  We are very grateful to have had her as a valued team member for almost 10 years."

“I would highly recommend Lynda McKay and HRextension.  While working with our Firm, Lynda’s guidance and prompt attention to our sensitive Human Resources questions were always appreciated.  She provided professional advice and took the time to truly understand the needs of our Firm.  In addition to sensitive HR related issues, Lynda helped with our handbook, performance review forms and provided wage recommendations.  If you are looking for a company to provide professional and prompt consulting, Lynda with HR extension will help with the challenges you may face.”

"Lynda helped us through the process of growing our private psychology practice. Her guidance was crucial to our success. Lynda is very knowledgeable and available to her clients. It has been a pleasure working with her."